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Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

Friday’s Final Word, With Ice-T

Approximately 93.4% of the internet was talking about that Dead Island trailer yesterday. Part of that scientifically-measured per cent was made up by none other than Iceberg himself, (the other) Mr T.

“I’ve been playing ‘Dead Space 2’ Crazy! Love it. Also… Whats up with this game?? ‘Mad Island’ It looks wild.”

We would be shocked and appalled that Ice got the name of the game wrong, but he swiftly corrected himself and all was right with the world again. He meant Dead Island. No need to worry.

It shows the reach a simple (backwards, slow-mo, music-y) trailer can have. It also shows how well the marketing has worked. If Ice-T knows about your game, you’re big-time.

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  • Joey

    Looks like everyone’s favourite beverage-titled rap god wasn’t feeling the best..
    “On the SVU set. It’s brick cold.. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting sick. That dizzy feeling… I hate this shit! ” poor Ice, luckily he has a caring fellowship. “MsMookie:Take some zinc, 3 packets of Emergen-C in bottled water and repeat every few hrs, Ice.”
    He was grateful to have been so expertly diagnosed by MsMookie., “Thanks. Keep the remedies coming.”
    Next few hours had me pacing up and down, biting my nails and worrying if he’ll pull through his unfortunate ‘dizzy feeling’.
    Lo! Few short hours later he returns via a chirpy bright-eyed tweet announcing, ” My friend Caroline on SVU just called my Daily Game a nugget. That’s in valley lingo.. Love it.” Ice Tea clearly making a full recovery after jiveing with his fellow crime-busting colleges.
    He never ceases to amaze.