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Four £30 Demos We’d Buy

Four £30 Demos We’d Buy

There’s been a lot of internet hang-wringing recently about the length of Ground Zeroes and whether it is worth the money. This isn’t an article about that (it is totally worth it, by the way), but people throwing around the term “£30 demo” got us wondering: are there any games out there we want so eagerly that we would spend 30 quid on a demo?


Keeping it in the Kojima family, we’ve waited a decade for a new Zone Of The Enders game. It’s a series we love, and ZoE2 in particular is a criminally under-rated slice of PS2 genius. If Koj really were to charge for a demo of ZoE3, we wouldn’t even have to think about it. Call us fanboys, sure, because we are. If you haven’t played either ZoE game yet, you can pick up the PS3 HD collection for pretty cheap nowadays, and it’s well worth the cash.


The Division is one of the most exciting games on the horizon at the moment, a mixture of third-person shooter, RPG and MMO that seems truly revolutionary and, dare we say it, next-gen. We wouldn’t mind spending some dollar to receive early access to the game, helping with development in a method similar to a lot of games on Steam. It’s helpful for the dev team, and we get an early hands-on at the same time. Win-win!


Speaking of games we are REALLY EXCITED about, a Star Wars Battlefront game made by DICE was something that, for many years, was merely a dream. Now we know it is a reality, the excitement we feel is tangible. Battlefront was inspired by Battlefield in the first place, so for the series to come full-circle in such a way is huge. We want to play it now, and we’d pay for the privilege.


Of all the games we are excited for, Cyberpunk 2077 is top of the list. We love CD Projekt RED, the team behind the amazing Witcher games, and we love the cyberpunk setting with a passion something fierce. The combination of the two is legitimately a dream come true for us, and as such we would happily pay money to be able to play it now. We know, we are part of the problem.


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  • Guy Brohski

    I’d pay for a playable level based on The Samaritan Demo. Or Agni’s Philosophy. Preferably on PS4 because my PC couldn’t handle it, lol.