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Fixing Strict NAT on PS3

Fixing Strict NAT on PS3

Every now and then, we’ll get a distressed email/letter/tweet/smoke signal about NAT settings on their PlayStation 3 and how it’s stopping them from playing games online.

NAT, which stands for Network Address Translation, is essentially the ‘quality’ of your online connection. The actual definition of what it means is a little more in-depth than that but NAT comes in three settings: Open, Moderate and Strict (if you perform an Internet Connection Test on your PS3, Type 1 and Type 2 is fine while Type 3 will cause the same issues as Strict).

Open is good, Moderate means you’ve got problems, Strict means you’ll have laggy matches if you find any online at all. Most games won’t even allow you to search for online matches when you have Strict NAT, which is why we get the distressed emails and the like. People want to play online but their NAT is Strict and they don’t know how to fix it. So, here are two solutions:

Solution 1: The Quick Way

Turn your router on and off again. Ha! We know it’s the old IT solution but this will often solve the problem. If you use a wireless router and NAT setting keeps going from Open back to Moderate after a while, it may be worth checking the security on your wireless router, as it’s likely someone else is leeching from your connection. Set a password for it, at minimum.

Solution 2: The Long Way

If the turn-off-and-back-on trick doesn’t work, you have to do this the long way.

First of all, you need to find out the IP of your router. Connect to your router using your PC/Mac and go into Network Preferences > Advanced, open up DOS and type “ipconfig”. Note down the your IP number.

Now type your IP number into your internet browser. You’ll be asked for the name and password – if you don’t have these available, look up the default passwords for your router on Google (for example, Sky broadband is usually ‘admin’ for name and ‘sky’ for password).

Finally, when you access the router, you’ll have a whole host of options to go through. The one you want will make reference to DMZ and should have somewhere you enter an IP number. Enter the IP number into the relevant section of the DMZ tab and bingo! Open NAT and you can play online again.

EDIT: Also turn off uPnP, as some routers won’t be ‘fixed’ with port forwarding/DMZ if uPnP is switched on. Thanks to @Pepsi_Punk for that extra, essential info!

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