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Five worst game tattoos ever!

Five worst game tattoos ever!

There’s nothing quite as fun as having a good laugh at someone’s misfortune, especially when it’s permanently injected under their skins. Ha. And being the videogame geeks that we are, we thought we’d have a good old laugh at people who’ve seen fit to stencil their favourite games onto their bodies…

5. The Fire-balls
Well, at least it’s not Ken. And at least he can grow his hair over the tattoo. Sir, we respect your love of Street Fighter but not of head tattoos.

ryu head

4. The Guitar Zero
We’re not even sure how this one works, even in the context of “air Guitar Hero” which would be really sad because Guitar Hero is basically built on the concept of air guitar but with music. Maybe that’s the point. Whatever, this tattoo sucks.


3. The Muffin Crisis
Why this guy thought it would be a good idea to have a couple of lightguns tattooed onto his muffin-top is beyond us. Maybe this would work if they were real guns. Maybe this would work if this guy lost a couple of pounds. MAYBE. Hey, maybe this is some kind of ironic joke that we’re not privvy to. We doubt it.


2. The Ass-Man
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! This is so wrong that we just don’t know where to begin… is it the ghosts? The way that the cherries aren’t quite aligned properly? Or the number of pixels that makes up Pac-Man. Oh no, wait. IT’S THE FACT THAT THIS GUY HAS PAC-MAN TATTOOED ON HIS ASS. This is one maze we don’t want to solve.

pacman ass

1. The Moore Is Less
Okay, we couldn’t resist this one final dig at Microsoft’s then-gaming-boss Peter Moore and his game announcement techniques. Really, we’re still sore that Xbox got GTA. Meh.

peter moore gtaiv