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Five surprises from the Sony press conference

Five surprises from the Sony press conference


You know what they say, “Expect the unexpected”. That’s why I’ve thought up some things that would surprise me if they came out of Sony’s E3 conference later today, and am now training myself to expect them, despite their apparent unlikelihood. This way, when I’m watching the conference I won’t have any seizures or accidents in my pants or anything. Instead I’ll be all like, aha, I sort of expected that, yet I am also pleasantly surprised. Bravo!

This is a surprise that a lot of folk have been expecting for some time now, so I’m actually not sure whether I’ll be more surprised to see it or not to see it. Either way, a PSP2 related surprise must be in store.

PlayStation Network still completely free
There’s been so much talk about Sony introducing some kind of premium service to the PSN that I guess many gamers would be surprised if Sony just carried on with the same perfectly sensible policy of online play being completely free. It is, after all, one of the PS3’s selling points. Surely there’s more pressure on Microsoft to make Live free rather than for Sony to start charging.

Gran Turismo 5 gets a firm release date
Now, this really would surprise me. I’ve got this theory that Polyphony hasn’t even started making it yet and that Kazunori Yamuchi keeps saying it could be released any time now as some sort of dare. Driving his collection of sports cars really fast just isn’t giving him the adrenaline fix he needs any more, so he gets his kicks telling enormous lies to the world instead. Maybe.

Patch to add PS2 backwards compatibility to all PS3s
Yeah, so a service for downloading PS2 games seems much more likely but I’m not ruling out the possibility of a patch to allow PS2 games to be playable off their original discs. It can’t be that hard to do and it just seems to me that it would make good marketing sense to be able to boast of the PS3 being compatible with a total of, what, 4,000 games? It’s got to be something like that.

Twisted Metal
There’s been a lot of talk about whether this is or isn’t coming soon, and about whether David Jaffe is or isn’t involved. For what it’s worth I think it will be announced at E3, but I don’t care whether David Jaffe’s doing it or not. Frankly, the man needs to start making proper announcements, or just shut the hell up for a bit.

For more news from E3 as it happens, including the Sony conference in full (surprises or not), check out www.nowgamer.com

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  • David

    I thought that in order to get either PS2 discs or PS2 downloads to work would mean that the other would too, although I could be wrong.

    PSP2… PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 analogues and a phone would make it a must buy I think.

    The point of PSN Premium would be to add new features that Sony/Third Parties can’t afford to add otherwise and not affect the current service. Everything that is currently free will probably remain free.

  • DevilDogA99

    Just give us cheap Move, voice MSG, PS2 games on PS2 ( cause I have one of the original PS3s ) dnt charge us for online & you’ll make us all happy & console war over

  • grant472

    i am actually interested in seeing the psn premium… every1 shud shut up becuz they still have the option to keep it free … its to draw those ppl in who think its worth paying for … maybe even a few xbox fans… nuf said.. Sony’s E3 will be great

  • Sean

    Please Sony bring backwards compatibility back to the PS3, I had to get a Slim because my 60GB broke and now I have tons of brilliant PS2 games collecting dust *Koller* your fault