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Five Games To Play While PSN Is Down

Five Games To Play While PSN Is Down

What the hell is all this about PSN? Sorry, been off for a while, must have passed me by. So it’s “down”, you say? Right, well we’ll have to come up with something else to do then. Possibly in list form. Because lists are ace. Howsabout five games to play that you really don’t need PSN for at all? Yeah, that’ll do:

Even when you’ve finished it, as I have, there’s still enough to just mess about with. Hours can be spent exploring, picking flowers (don’t laugh), picking fights, taking the arena fan bloke/kid thing to the top of a mountain and pushing him off, riding your horse and getting it stuck behind small rocks, easily beating minotaurs in one hit and many other activities. It’s ruddy brilliant.

Dragon Age 2
A shorter, more focused take on the fantasy RPG. It’s split opinion with many folks, but what better chance to give it a chance than when you have no excuse to run off to play Call Of Duty? I say give it a chance, but then I am a fanboy. Maybe. Possibly.

This is more a reminder to myself to play through Metal Gear Solid 4 again, as it’s brilliant. Also: no risk of multiplayer ruining things, as who ever bothered with Metal Gear Online?

Play it the way it’s meant to be played – against other people sat in the same room as you. Playing online is nonsense, because you can’t punch the other person in the face when they get one of those flukey bastard goals other people always bloody get. Or you can knock their pad out of their hands. Ah, bliss.

Any horrible timesink JRPG ever
Self-explanatory, really. If you can be bothered with them, they will eat up all of your time.

That should cover you until the Evil Overlords Who Definitely Want To Kill Us All By Stopping Us From Using PSN (“Sony”) pull their thumbs out.

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  • rbl007

    well i played just cause 2, trying to get 100% in gmae stuff (already got the plat for it 😛 )

  • Ryan

    I played mw2 all this time and got like 69 stars to special ops and platinum 4 it 😛

  • David

    I use PSN for it’s services and DLC more than playing with online players, so I’ve not missed out too much really.

  • the bossman

    I’ve been playing DW7 a lot, but seeing as I’ve completed that I’m on the game before that, DW6 Empires. As well as FIFA 11, and B Ops multi against the bots.

  • this is so boring i have no other games other than COD