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Five games that could be made better by zombies

Five games that could be made better by zombies

We’ve had zombies on the brain recently. Firstly, we’ve been watching The Walking Dead – the post-apocalyptic AMC television series based on the comic of the same name – and secondly, we’ve been dipping in and out of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption add-on Undead Nightmare.

It’s an interesting way to mix up Red Dead’s formula. Not only does it make for an interesting new setting in its blending of the Western and zombie genres, but it also alters gameplay in several ways. There are no shops, for example (shopkeepers probably aren’t worried about turning a profit when the undead are trying to eat their brains) so ammo is scarce. What’s worse is that zombies can only be taken down with direct headshots. The Dead Eye mechanic becomes all the more important then, and your sharpshootin’ skills are tested to their limit.

It got us thinking, what other games could be altered in new and interesting ways by the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Yes, that’s right. It’s time for another list…

We’re not really too bothered about how zombies would affect gameplay on a fundamental level here. In fact we’d want most things to stay the same. All we’d want is for Vanquish’s levels to be filled with shambling zombies, just so we could power slide Sam Gideon through their soft, squishy bodies. Just imagine how satisfying it would be, all of those zombies smashing apart as you boosted through them in slo-mo. The ARS would likely protect you from any infected arterial spray too. Unless Gideon lifted his visor to have a cigarette, that is, and got some blood in his mouth. Then he might become an ARS enabled zombie…my god. That thought is giving us the fear…

The Sims
You make a family, build a nice house for them, buy them some lovely furniture, then let them go about their lives. As usual your little Sims would make friends, gain promotions, and grow old. How nice. Until you hit the APOCALYPSE button, that is. This triggers The End Of Days, at which point The Sims changes from family simulator into a frantic fight for survival. You must protect your once happy home with barricades, trenches and traps, while also managing food and water supplies. Inevitably the entire family gets infected, though, at which point the game becomes a zombie simulator, in which you just click around the screen trying to find brains.

Animal Crossing
No real point to be made here. We just want to see the overly cutesy town turned into zombies. We’re pretty callous like that.

Your ball skills are tested to the max. Not only do you have to be dexterous and skillful enough to beat the other team, but you have to do it on a pitch that’s been invaded by hungry zombies. Navigating the ball around these shuffling creatures and trying not to be bitten, while also passing, dribbling and shooting to the other players on your team, would be challenging to say the least. You can kill the zombies by blasting the ball at their heads, though, or by performing particularly nasty tackles to the cranium. The ref won’t mind. He’s a zombie too.

Dance Central
We happen to think that this game could be massively improved with the introduction of zombies. Dance Central requires a lot of movement from the player – bouncing, sliding, jumping, hopping, shuffling, shaking, jiggling, waving, and a whole load of other -ings that seemed designed to make us look very silly indeed. It’s a lot of effort that we really couldn’t be bothered putting in given our generally unhealthy physical condition. A zombie, however, doesn’t do very much. It kind of shuffles a bit, looks around with mild confusion, shuffles some more…the zombie version of Dance Central would ask no more of its players than to do just that. Shuffle Central. That’s a far better game in our opinion.

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  • Garan

    Wait aren’t there already zombies in the first Sims when you resurrect a Sim?

  • Maria

    Love the idea about Fifa zombies (Y)