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Five games Double Fine need to make

The FAQ is worth reading, as it’s genuinely funny. But it isn’t exactly worth a whole post here. So instead I’m just going to do that ‘making up a list’ thing that you all hate so much. Stop whining – we’re working on the 200th issue of the mag so it’s busy-busy time here.

Psychonauts 2
We’re willing to get together a few million to fund the development of this little ditty.

Brutal Legend 2
See above, but probably requiring more money for licensing/Jack Black etc.

Psychonauts 3
As above-above.

Brutal Legend 3
As above-above.

Psycho Legend
A spin-off of the two combined, naturally. It will be the funniest, most metal game ever made. With a bloke called Raz in it. Or something.

That’s all you’re getting. I’m not even sorry.

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  • Garan

    I want to go Naughty Bear on Bobby Kotick for cancelling Brütal Legend 2.