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Favourite PS3 Easter Eggs

Favourite PS3 Easter Eggs

In a somewhat seasonal mood we thought we’d ask what your favourite Easter Eggs have been this generation. To help get you started on yours we also thought we’d drop you a few of our own from the last few years. Did you find them?

Assassin’s Creed II – Giant Squid

Where is it? – The final chamber of the Santa Maria Delle Visitazione. Stare into the water for a while and it will appear.

Batman: Arkham Asylum – Arkham City Blueprints

Where is it? – Hard to imagine this was only found after Arkham City was announced, but it is very well hidden behind a normal looking wall in Warden Sharp’s office. You need to apply several explosive gels to reveal the secret room behind.

Mirror’s Edge – Giant Rat

Where is it? – Chapter 8 when you have to Sniper the armoured car shoot the driver and then the middle circle in a billboard in the background and the giant rat will chase after the cars.

Portal – Cake Recipe

Where is it? – Several places as it’s on some computer monitors and gets recited to you by GLaDOS’ Blue Sphere before you throw it in the incinerator.

Call Of Duty: World At War – Ray Gun

Where is it? – As well as being in the Nazi Zombie mode you can also find the Ray Gun during the story  mission Little Resistance. You have to retrieve it from the mouth of a lion statue.

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  • Sandy

    Finally, a clue for the promise of cake!

  • koppert79

    My favourite are the cadbury cream egg ones. Those or anyone with a mug

  • Joey

    A lovely Easter surprise from Playstation would have been a Playstation Network.

  • Conor

    @Joey i completely agree and then sony is stabbing us in the back, you should see the blog there is no information about the situation >:(

  • Joey

    I read all off the amazing 3 posts. I am sickened. I just came back from a long weekend of drinking (left thursday after buying Portal and getting frustrated at the “maintenance” which meant I couldn’t get Portal on PC or even look at Steam) I was so looking forward to play my hangover away online but instead I get frustration and silence.
    Seems Playstation aren’t even sorry for it, just blame Anonymous hackers instead of giving back what little functionality they can and explain what the shite is going on. Even Play seem to have gone hiding since the “crash” ( Im on my PS3 and it says this post is the most recent, 21st. So I could be wrong, but if I’m not ‘boo!’ to you Play.)
    The Playstation is a lonely console now, the xbox downstairs has never felt so attractive before. Surely there are other people who share my sleep-deprived anger?