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Fan Art Friday – Zone Of The Enders

Fan Art Friday – Zone Of The Enders

Konami last night announced Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders collections for PS3. Woop! And since we’ve been working our way through the MGS series we thought we would jump over to ZOE for this week’s fan art tribute.

An excellent way to kick things off from bigmac996

philby offers anotherb excellent pice fo ZOE posing

PierreDave85 puts things in perspective

Boom! or something to that effect from MetalHanzo

Floating in the air in exactly the way a brick doesn't thanks to DKSheep

A Saturday morning cartoon ZOE? Perhaps, from roanike

Is it just us or did this get pretty epic all of a sudden, thanks to suzuran

kongnjaal turns the style up

LaloVarela goes for something a little more intricate

All images via DeviantArt.com

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  • Thank you for publishing my work, but for future reference at lest leave a note on my Deviant Art Account.

  • philby

    Yeah, thanks for publishing, but it would have been nice to at least have been informed.