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Fan Art Friday – Tomb Raider

Fan Art Friday – Tomb Raider

Before Uncharted 3 was announced all thoughts had turned to the future of Tomb Raider as a new title was announced by Square Enix. Once again Lara is getting her parade trampled on by Nathan Drake. Oh well, perhaps this fan art tribute will go some way to redressing the balance (or not).

We kick off with this action image from kotsu-direngrey

Oh my Lara, what a big sword you have thanks to Robbuz

Priscillia offers up a take on what Tomb Raider 0 could have looked like

Some classic Lara posing from diabolumberto

Kim Possible as Lara Croft? What madness is this from FitzOblong?

NightWish666 imagines a new Tomb Raider game

martegodpopo's piece is pretty cheeky

Not sure Lara's ever been a master of stealth as Miss-Lithana proves

2dforever shows us the true face of Tomb Raider

We're liking the style of this piece by FallingBird

Miss-Camille captures Lara mid-climb

Lara Croft - the only we know who can look this calm climbing a ladder. Thanks to febbik

All images from DeviantArt.com

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