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Fan Art Friday – Soul Calibur

Fan Art Friday – Soul Calibur

We’ve had no news regarding Soul Calibur V, revealed at the end of last year by its development team, but the SC series has a dear place in our hearts. With each Fan Art Friday we like to pay tribute to a game from PlayStation history (near or far) that we have a real appreciation of and sometimes that means some great art. In the case of Soul Calibur great art was practically guaranteed.

Vandrell kicks things off in a classy fashion with this Taki portrait

Two of SC's darker characters partner up thanks to carlosmorilla

seeso2d presents the ladies of Soul Calibur

The famous UdonCrew take a break from Capcom art duties to pay tribute to SC

Bonus SCIV fighter Kamikirimusi joins thanks to koroe

A fine cast pic from DXSinfinite

Amy and Raphael team up thanks to GENZOMAN

The great Mitsurugi by el-grimlock

A rare image of Ivy and Cervantes not at each others' throats by kay-ness

A little more Cervantes action from YamaO

Setsuke finally joins the fray thanks to xuexueyuehua

All images from DeviantArt.com

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