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Fan Art Friday – Silent Hill

Fan Art Friday – Silent Hill

A Konami classic, somewhat down on its luck in recent years, but we’re keeping the faith with Silent Hill and still have high hopes for the latest incarnation (number 8 would you believe?). As such we thought we would dedicate this week’s fan art tribute to the master of all things foggy and chilling.

Matelandia presents a typically brutal scene of carnage

This probably won't end happily thanks to ultema

Debi-Chiru lightens the mood a little

Himoki keeps the weird and cute in this piece

A superb piece from drigzabrot

Silent Hill, the saturday morning cartoon? Thanks to haikuninja

psychohazard clearly wants James to be clipped around the head

A nice mysterious piece from johnbanana

These nurses always creep us out and this one from Beloved-Creature is no different

No! The nurses are massing thanks to junglecookie

All images from DeviantArt.com

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