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Fan Art Friday – PSP

Fan Art Friday – PSP

Since a new PSP (albeit called the NGP for the time being) was announced yesterday we thought we would take this opportunity to pay tribute to the outgoing hero that is the PlayStation Portable. It’s had a long and often misunderstood life, but with well over 60 million sold since launch no one could say it wasn’t successful. And as these images will show it is still much loved.

Chibi girl as the PSP? Sure, why not from Midna01

RyusukeHamamoto celebrates the great PSP lineup

sate-bang-somad was clearly happy to see Final Fantasy moving to PSP

In some worlds the PSP beat the DS... sigh. Thanks to karl625

The PS3 and PSP together at last thanks to Makian

Fritman imagines a PSP Autobot

In Manga South Part world Kenny loves his PSP, Cartman less so according to steffanny

All images from DeviantArt.com

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