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Fan Art Friday – Portal 2

Fan Art Friday – Portal 2

While those of us on PS3 have yet to be able to enjoy the fullness of Portal 2’s brilliance (online co-op… sigh), we can still appreciate its brilliance in lots of other ways. And plenty have done just that, building on the great fan art for the original Portal and doubling their efforts. Here are just a few superb examples.

Steampunk Portal? We say yes Risachantag

TheMinttu offers Chell in her common state of getting the hell out of dodge

Loving the style of this piece from ChemicalAlia

eponagirl offers a kind of Chell pin up... which is nice

Do robots like cake? Of course they do thanks to xric

Have you ever thought about how scary all this stuff is for Chell? scriptKittie has

All one happy family thanks to ghostfire

another great Chell piece from doubleleaf

They're watching you thanks to togaco

All images from DeviantArt.com

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