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Fan Art Friday – Mortal Kombat

Fan Art Friday – Mortal Kombat

For our weekly celebration of PlayStation gaming we thought we’d spend a little time honouring Mortal Kombat. It’s one of gaming’s most enduring franchises and the latest one is looking superb (not to mention it has Kratos in it). So anyway, enjoy.

If you're looking up at Scorpion like this then you're in trouble. By masquevale

xamoel wants you to pick your fighter

What Kergran isn't showing you is what's under the mask. You've been warned

fear-sAs shows some love for the bots

MK Vs DC... perhaps not the best, but the visual is good as BlueLagoon4 proves

The deadly trio thanks to chamakoso

We're liking Magmard's Scorpion

More Scorpion love (if you can call it that... fear perhaps) from ScorpionBlaze

Sub Zero and Sareena go for a ride thanks to Samurai-PET

Finall some love for the MK ladies from Heavy-Inamorato

Some excellent Sub Zero work from OSK-studio

Scorpion prepares to strike thanks to Chey2011senior

captain-x finds Scorpion's spooky side

A very stylised and very cool Sub Zero from Red-J

It's the big showdown thanks to AsylumComics

All images from DeviantArt.com

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