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Fan Art Friday – Metal Gear Solid

Fan Art Friday – Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid… one of the most important franchises to PlayStation platforms over the years and one of the first to push people towards buying a PSone way, way back when. So, this week in a small gesture we dedicate our Fan Art Friday to all things Solid, Liquid, Psycho and Grey.

A MGS Movie poster? Perhaps, from EricaLeeV

Something a little on the arty side from The-Great-Shiniku

Nether83's is definitely a movie poster... it even has a cast

Always with the questions thanks to TheSketcher

It's all about to kick off in this piece from Trevone

cluedog brings all the gang together

Snake strikes a pose thanks to bloodmarionette

The fight is on thanks to Zeag

Snake at his sneaky best in this piece from WakaBee

Stylised wonder comes from the mind of Zatransis

More Snake Vs Ninja aciton thanks to ANDREA11179

Zotty makes sure that Snake is ready for anything

All images from DeviantArt.com

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  • Sean

    Best Fan Art Friday yet!