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Fan Art Friday – Mass Effect 2

Fan Art Friday – Mass Effect 2

One of most favouritist of games in recent times is finally out on PS3 this week, so here’s some amazinf fan art to honour the occasion. Having been out for a year on Xbox 360 and PC there’s been plenty of time for fan art to be made and we think this is some of the best we’ve ever featured here. Enjoy.

Subject Zero (AKA Jack) almost looks calm in this piece from axl99

Jon likes this piece by rk87. He calls Garrus and Grunt his "Boys"

WillhelmKranz presents a well balanced team of Biotic, Soldier and Tech expert

More love for 'Jane' Shepard from Metal-Dragon-Kiryu

Agregor presents Liara in her Lair of the Shadow Broker garb

The Illusive Man brought to you by ArtPolly

AuroraCarina-chan lets Samara lead the charge

Birdz gives the squad some down time

We love the energy in this sketch from Fuelreaver

Dapling brings all the gang together

Fuzzysocks102 took about 40 hours putting this pitch battle together

A cool Thane portrait from SweetSnail

Samara strikes a pose thanks to KidKalig

Shepard seems a little fed up in this piece from Badspot

It's a waiting game it would seem thanks to aribuwana

A superb ensemble piece from Exullium

aimo finds a third response to Joker's pleas as Mass Effect 2 begins

A very cool comic interpretation of Garrus and Shepard by cheru-cheru

All images from DeviantArt.com

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