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Fan Art Friday – inFamous 2

Fan Art Friday – inFamous 2

As Play is getting more and more into Sucker Punch’s latest game we thought we’d pay it a little fan art love this week. Given that it wasn’t all that long ago we paid the original a tribute we were surprised to see so many pieces out there.

We kick things off with this piece from the legendary patrickbrown

A simple black and white piece from MattiaFerrari

It's moody Cole pulling a Batman thanks to istambay

Cole faces his true nemesis thanks to doubleleaf

As rymslim points out, Cole has a lot of troubles in inFamous 2

We love the style of this piece from SkiddMcMarxx

And even more stylised work from gagatun

And we wrap things up with another amazing piece from patrickbrown

All images from DeviantArt.com

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  • Sid

    Did anyone else reliese that the guy called SkiddMcMarxx is named after the character in ratchet and clank?


    Yeh, I know this is a bit off topic, but it’s just fan-boyism. 🙂

  • OniZed

    Gagatun Rulezzz