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Fan Art Friday – Ico

Fan Art Friday – Ico

Fan Art Friday is here again and this week we thought we would put the spotlight on one of our favourite games as well as one of the most visually interesting, Ico. Hard to believe we haven’t done this one already really. Anyway, enjoy.

A moment of repose (and saving) from shel-yang

More resting from Sasuke463

psuke76 offers another tender moment

CrescentDebris depicts the moment we all dread

A brief moment of separation from megakay

Beware the shadows in this piece from poopbear

Otomesque relives another terrifying moment

Yorda is hanging out for a hero thanks to maaria

A very cute piece from chibiniko

TurdusGrayi has Ico make a heroic stand

All images from DeviantArt.com

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