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Fan Art Friday – Heavenly Sword

Fan Art Friday – Heavenly Sword

Ninja Theory is getting a lot of digital ink at the moment for one reason or another, but within the Play team there’s nothing but love for the Cambridge based developer. As such we’re dedicating this week’s Fan Art Friday to the studio’s first PS3 offering starring one of the most iconic characters of this generation. This week it’s all about Heavenly Sword.

Nariko goes in for the kill thanks to charlie140588

yaten-no-kittygirl shows Kai a little love

Nariko prepares for the storm in this piece by Puffmix

comatosedduck has us mesmerised by Kai's eyes

H3artL3SS-Kun keeps it simple, but very effective in this Nariko piece

A stunning piece of Kai artwork from AerisGainsley

Nariko take's a breather GS-Dracko

An excellent portrait of our two heroines by brainleakage

More Nariko magic from Daimida

A more adorable Nariko from PariahBlue

All images from DeviantArt.com

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