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Fan Art Friday – Final Fantasy XIII

Fan Art Friday – Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy has always been a series blessed by iconic characters and that means there’s always plenty of excellent fan art around. Final Fantasy XIII has been no different, so today it’s the subject of our enthusiast sketching celebration.

Snow strikes a pose thanks to hel999

Shiramune brings FFXIII and VersusXIII together

digitalninja also brings the Fabula Nova Crystallis crowd together

kaworuC has the FFXIII crowd ready for an elegant party

The Final Fantasy XIII babies go into action as depicted by masquevale

Vanille and Lightning hang out in this piece from Hinagi-san

Pretty amazing Lightning portrait from longai

All images from DeviantArt.com

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  • dude

    There’s not nearly enough lesbian stuff here. Last I checked DA was full of FFXIII yuri.

  • Awww, thank you for including my Snow! Mr. John Gordon, I’d love to know your dA account so I can send you llamas;)

  • Ooops, Jon Gordon that is:)