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Fan Art Friday – Devil May Cry

Fan Art Friday – Devil May Cry

Given the excellent news that Ninja Theory is looking to put a new spin on Devil May Cry we thought we would make use of our weekly fan art tribute to honour DMC of times past. Enjoy.

A classic Dante pose from virus-AC74

A very fine piece of work from Jo-Chen

ScabbedAngel gives us some of that darker DMC4 Dante goodness

Plenty of Nero love out there not least from Kloku

Some excellent poster action from jesonite

We always have a soft spot for a little Chibi Dante, this one's from Sekra

Another fine piece of Dante art from Ninjatic

Dante leaps into action thanks to LASAHIDO

Soon to be MvC3 star Trish also gets some love thanks to Isthar-art

Code1310 takes things in a darker direction for Dante

BrokenTeapot offers an early response to some of the negative DmC commentary online

All images from DeviantArt

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