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Fan Art Friday – Call Of Duty

Fan Art Friday – Call Of Duty

There’s only one game on the lips of gamers this week and that’s  Call Of Duty: Black Ops. As such it seemed like a fitting week in which to pay some fan art tribute to Activision’s huge FPS blockbuster. Warning! There’s a lot of Ghost in the following images. He’s very popular.

Kicking off as we mean to go on, a Ghost piece by vodoodwarf

Soap looks ready for action thanks to rooster82

We sense a Ghostly presence here thanks to Echoes1

Estrada gives us something a little more arty

Emo-Manga Ghost brought to you by shokoholic

eko999 kicks it old-school in this Ghost portrait

mazz66 changes the tone a little

What's with all the Valkyria Chronicles crossovers? Perhaps Skunk-Works knows

More Ghost manipulation from Ninjatic

Something a little more traditional from GT-MeBabyMe

Loving the mini-COD brigade in this Kira-Mayer artork

All images from DeviantArt.com

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