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Fan Art Friday – Beyond Good & Evil

Fan Art Friday – Beyond Good & Evil

As Jade, Pey’j and co. finally made their way to PSN this week in glorious HD we thought we’d dedicate this week’s E3 closing fan art Friday to one of our favourite videogame heroines. Enjoy.

Garrenh brings a little realism to his painting

We like the art style damnskippy's gone for here. She actually drew one of our fav comics, Zombies Calling

Jade a Pey'j are prepped and ready to go thanks to polarityplus

SaxGirl1010 captures the legendary rooftop chase

Jade and Pey'j strike a pose thanks to hermit-homeboy

A very nice Jade portrait from theoriginalmistajonz

Pey'j tells the kids a story thanks to jameson9101322

polarityplus brings a little anime style to the party

A rare moment of peace captured by jameson9101322

Another fine Jade painting, this time from moshing-squirrel

All images from DeviantArt.com

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