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Fan Art Friday – Bayonetta

Fan Art Friday – Bayonetta

Have we done Bayonetta before? We’re beginning to lose track of things. Anyway, trying to navigate the waters of Bayonetta fan art can be a tricky business. So here are a bunch of the best we’ve come across to celebrate this Fan Art Friday.

A very nice and stylish piece from abraibarnabas

An explosive piece from rinnyz

sandara brings you Bayonetta Vs Kratos

danno84a catches Ms B. in mid leap

A very detailed and classy piece from kazakami

Bayonetta takes a slaying break thanks to molybdenumgp03

Candra brings a little art nouveau to this image

A very cool piece from Jelli76

Fenryk brings Bayonetta and Okami together

Some heavy manga work from taegyu

Gingashi puts a little spin on Bayonetta

G-e-e-r-s's Bayonetta kind of scares us

You would think this would be a good view to see Bayonetta from, except it means she kicked your butt. Thanks to ddd111

DiLancreRoyalty brings a little 70's grindhouse to the scene

All images from DeviantArt.com

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