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Fallout: New Vegas vs Vanquish

Fallout: New Vegas vs Vanquish

The short answer is ‘both’ but of course most gamers can’t afford to buy two full-price games in one week and even if you can afford both, you still can’t play them simultaneously, so one at a time might still be best. I’d suggest buying Fallout first because it’ll last longer so Vanquish will be nice and cheap by the time you’re done with it. But then you might prefer to get Vanquish first so you can get it out of the way before indulging yourself in months and months of Fallout.

Anyway, if you’re on the fence about which big release to get this week, here’s a handy comparison guide to help you out.

Winner – Vanquish

Vanquish wins this one by some margin with its mind-blowing tour-de-force of visual effects. It’s also very, very polished, which is the last thing you can say about New Vegas. Graphics are less important in an RPG than in a shooter, but New Vegas’ glitchy appearance and ropey animations do have a negative impact on its atmosphere. Still, it’s by no means a bad looking game.

Winner – Vanquish

Again, Vanquish walks away with this one, although it’s a slightly closer call than it was with graphics. PlatinumGames’ masterpiece of excess boasts superb audio design, incredible surround-sound effects and an adrenaline-poundng soundtrack. New Vegas has really good sound, when it’s working properly. I’ve had a lot of problems with footsteps and ambient noise cutting in and out, which again undermines the atmosphere pretty badly. Still, the audio is well-designed and of high quality of you listen beyond the glitches, and the soundtrack is perfectly judged.

Winner – Fallout: New Vegas

While Vanquish won’t be as short-lived as you might have heard, thanks to a high level of replayability, it’s still dwarfed by New Vegas in this category. Not only does New Vegas easily have 100+ hours worth of quests and exploration to play through, it also has replayability. There are so many different choices that impact on the story that it’s well worth playing it through more than once just to see how different things pan out by the end.

Winner – Vanquish

I’ve called Vanquish the winner here because it’s more hardcore, but really the winner depends on how hardcore you are. Both of these is pretty hardcore games, the difference being that you need to take a hardcore approach to Vanquish to get the most of it, whereas New Vegas can be hardcore if you want it to be, but you’re not missing out too much if you disregard hardcore mode and don’t bother getting embroiled in its complex new systems.

Winner – Fallout: New Vegas

This is a close call, with neither game particularly strong in this department, and results may vary according to personal taste and according to exactly how the New Vegas story pans out for you. Vanquish’s story is crap, but it is told with an unashamed, balls-out conviction that lends it a certain charm. New Vegas has tons of different story possibilities depending on decisions you make. This is really cool, but can result in confusion and a lack of cohesion.

Winner – Fallout: New Vegas

New Vegas’ sense of humour is a little old-fashioned and quite hit-and-miss, but there’s undoubtedly a rich vein of chuckles running through it, making it a lighter experience than the sometimes dour Fallout 3. Vanquish is also pretty funny, and this one is a close call, but most of Vanquish’s laughs come from just how ridiculous it is. There’s not much in the way of wit or subtlety.

PLAY Score
Vanquish: 93%
Fallout: New Vegas: 88%
Winner – Vanquish

I reviewed both off these games and according to me, Vanquish is the better of the two. New Vegas may have a broader appeal, but I had to mark it down for lacking polish and cohesion. I think Fallout fans will love it, but might feel a little let down by the overall sloppiness.
Vanquish, on the other hand, is more of an acquired taste, but its technical prowess, presentation, polish and game design are pretty hard to fault. And it just got me more eye-bulgingly excited than any game I can remember playing before. It does blow its considerable load in a bit of a hurry, but really does beg to be played again and again and again.

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  • Emma Fowler

    Having played the demo of Vanquish, I now cannot wait to play the full game. It is the most ‘fun’ game I’ve played for a while, which evokes an almost childish joy and madness.
    Liked Fallout 3, but know that Fallout NV will probably drop in price pretty quickly, and I’m happy to wait.

  • scott simo

    get them both

  • Jake

    I got both today. That’s me broke until the end of the month 😐 Worth it though

  • Sean

    Got Vanquish! But now gotta wait for the Fallout: NV collector’s ED. until X-mas 🙁



  • We’re very happy, yes. That’s because we’ve been playing the cheery Vanquish and not the brown, dowdy and depressing Fallout: NV