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Exclusive Pachter Predictions Revealed Exclusively

Exclusive Pachter Predictions Revealed Exclusively


Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter pops up all over the place these days – how we survived in the days before analysts we will never know. If it weren’t for him, how would we know that the increased competition Infinity Ward are facing from EA, Respawn et al might impact negatively on Call of Duty’s sales? We wouldn’t. So it is with great joy that we can exclusively reveal these exclusive predictions, predicted exclusively by Pachter himself*!

– SEGA will re-enter the hardware market within the next two years, releasing a Dreamcast 2 alongside Shenmue 3. Or: they won’t.

– Activision will rule the United States of America by 2011.

– The next FIFA game will involve football, and likely contain the players Lionel Messi and Leon Osman.

– The Dynasty Warriors series will see a new entry within the next 12 months or more.

– 3D is old hat: Sony are already perfecting 4D technology. The fourth dimension they are using is fire.

– Game publishers need to release more games to make more money.

– Digital is the future.

– Scratch that – analogue is the future.

– Microsoft’s next console will be called ‘Xbox: In Space’ and will be made of ham.

– Michael Pachter will have an inane, obvious prediction printed on around 100 websites within the next two weeks. It will be masquerading as news.

It certainly looks like an exciting future, and we’d like to thank Michael** for letting us in on these exclusive sentences that predict the future exclusively.

*Note: predictions are not by Michael Pachter, they are by us.
**Not Michael.

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