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Euro 2012 Game Won’t Be Gouging, Throwaway Nonsense

Euro 2012 Game Won’t Be Gouging, Throwaway Nonsense

FIFA 12, along with many other games, got our rankles rankled in recent times for certain reasons. Unnamed updates to games released as full sequels (that may or may not be FIFA Street) also hackled our heckles, or whatever I mean there.

So it’s good to hear some news that makes me sit back and go ‘oh, that’s actually quite good’. UEFA Euro 2012 – the game based on this summer’s football tournament in Ukraine and Poland – will be released as an add-on, rather than a full retail offering.

Okay, so I’m instantly going to jump on the obvious complaint that this requires you to own a copy of FIFA 12 before you can fork out the £15.99 for it. But then, in a bizarre twist, I’m going to drop that complaint. Here’s why:

The vast majority of people who will want to buy Euro 2012 will have already bought FIFA 12. There’s no empirical evidence to support what I’m saying here, but it is common sense of the highest order.

As such, requiring you own the original release will really only inconvenience the minor minority of people who only ever jump in at the chance to buy tournament-specific games. And they don’t matter, because they’re not even people anyway.

That’s being quite facetious, before you get all worked up.

No, this is a good decision. A complete digital download option would be the ideal, but for now this is good, and right, and a proper way to do things (note: not “the”).

First Fight Night Champion and its segmented PSN availability, now Euro 2012 being an expansion rather than a £50 retail release. What next? The abandonment of online pasaahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Sigh.

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