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Episodic Movie Games For Telltale

Episodic Movie Games For Telltale

backtothefutureTelltale Games has signed a deal with Universal to produce episodic videogames based on Jurassic Park and Back To The Future, but surely there’s more in the Universal pot the developer could be drawing from. Here are our picks.

Hot Fuzz – slightly demented cops dealing with very small criminal matters in a menacing and over-the-top fashion against the backdrop of a sleepy rural town. Sounds like the perfect setting for some episodic mischief to us.

Bourne Trilogy – Already getting made into another game by Starbreeze, but an episodic format that focuses in on the conspiracies and story rather than the action would be just as welcomed by us.

Dawn Of The Dead – Universal handled the remake of the original Romero movie and as we all know there’s no shortage of things you can do with a zombie game. Breaking up the episodes between survivor’s tales, culminating in a big showdown finale would work well.

Mystery Men – A movie that some people just don’t get, but it’s oddball sensibilities and useless superheroes could be a good foil for a videogame setting.

Conan – This license is more or less up for grabs as we understand it, but Universal made the 1982 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and that’s the one we would like to see continued today. A new movie from Lionsgate might mess things up here.

The Blues Brothers – Amazing music and great car chases. What more could you ask for? You want some gameplay as well!? That’s asking a lot. Just take what you can get.

Spartacus – A roman epic with gladiators and huge battles, this is a story that could well translate to some nicely divided up games. Of course it doesn’t end all that well, which would be a bit of a downer.

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  • Dave Moore

    apparently the bttr game is set in the 70’s so it obviously can’t be tied into the films.also will it have the original actors providing the voices?