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E3 Flashback – 2005

E3 Flashback – 2005

PS3boomerangIt’s odd to think back just five years to the E3 at which Sony first unveiled the PS3 and to see just how far things have moved on since then. Five years doesn’t really seem like all that much time, but since then the games industry has really changed. E3 2005 was also the show at which Nintendo revealed it’s next console, the Revolution (later to be officially known as the Wii) and Microsoft showed off the final design of the Xbox 360. Its was an exciting year.

The games of the show though from a Sony perspective were probably Shadow Of The Colossus and Okami, which in hindsight probably goes a long way to explaining why neither did brilliantly commercially, even if us lot in the press adored them. Everyone got a little distracted by the sparkly, sparkly lights of the Killzone 2 trailer and or the demo of Fight Night Round 3 on PS3 (which is still impressive to this day). Hard to compete against the promise of PlayStation gaming to come even if you’re making two of the most innovative and vibrant videogames in the PS2’s history.

But the real story was of course the PS3 hardware itself and the games Sony was promising for its launch. We had the amazing capabilities of the GPU and multiple Cores to get our heads around and then that boomerang controller. The likes of Resistance, Metal Gear Solid 4, MotorStorm, Heavenly Sword and Warhawk were all there. It was quite an array of delights, but there were also some games that to this day we’ve heard nothing more about. Here’s a reminder:

EyedentifyEyedentify (Sony) – An EyeToy game that promised the ability to give voice commands to a pair of special agents in order to complete missions. Your face would even appear on the screens in-game and there was some Minority Report style hand waving going on too. Of course, we’ve heard nothing since, so chances are this game has disappeared completely.

Ni-OhNi-Oh (Koei) – This project actually sounded really cool, inspired as it was by an Akira Kurosawa script that had been found after the legendary director’s death. As was typical of Kurosawa it was the story of a 16th Century samurai warrior attempting to find his destiny in the midst of war. Again, we’ve heard nothing since.

PhantomFifth Phantom Saga (Sega) – A wonderfully strange FPS from the Sonic Team of all people in which you could summon a phantom to support you by destroying walls and grabbing items while you hang behind and take advantage of his mischief. No one seemed to understand it then and we still don’t understand it now.

KillingDayKilling Day (Ubisoft) – This very flashy looking FPS from Ubisoft caught a lot of attention at the time, but got cancelled not long after for unknown reasons. A 2009 trademark for the name Killing Day has lead some to suspect the project may not be as dead as was once assumed.

RedDeadUntitled Old West Game (Rockstar) – Still got no idea what this one is. Rockstar has obviously been rather busy with GTA IV and upcoming projects like LA Noire and Agent so perhaps it’s on the backburner. We’re not convinced a wild west game would be all that successful these days anyway.

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  • Dave’s Wobbly Knob

    “Untitled Old West Game” – you are joking right?
    “We’re not convinced a wild west game would be all that successful these days anyway.”

  • Garan

    Who remembers the unveiling of Duke Nukem For(n)ever

  • Madpuppy

    “Dave’s Wobbly Knob”

    You must be joking…right?

  • T04ST


    Youre an idiot -_-

  • @Dave
    What do you mean joking. I’m perfectly serious. Is there something the matter?

  • james

    he isnt joking.isnt the untitled game now called red dead redemption.?

  • Jacob

    To my knowledge the untitled old west game is Red Dead Redemption !
    The title did get a name and now is in stores, have you been living in a cave ? Perhaps under a rock ?

    Well anyhow, that titled proved that an old west game can be very very successful!

  • WWII

    sarcasm dave… sarcasm.

  • @ Jacob
    Red Dead what? Not sure what you’re talking about. Was that released on PS3?

  • solid snake

    well with all the games coming out this year i doubt many of us gamers are really concerned with a few dropped games besides great ideas & concepts never go to waste because great ideas & concepts from cancelled games 9 out of 10 times show up in other games in some manner even it don’t happen this gaming cycle they eventually will see the light.

  • John Lock

    Red Dead Redemption! CMON MAN

  • Ian Dransfield

    Red What Who?

    I’m just as confused as Jon.

  • Tim Moss
  • Hmm, that game doesn’t sound real. I think you’ve just made that one up and written a Wikipedia page for it

  • Koneesha

    What are you on about? I haven’t heard or even seen a wild west game out in a couple of years.

  • Jacob


    This is getting out of hand let me give you a hand!
    Eventhough I know you know and are just having a laugh about this @ the office.


  • Jacob


    Even better check this out:

  • @Jacob
    Better yet, how about this http://tinyurl.com/32r4rpc

  • lDEFYl

    yea I read about “Eyedentity” somewhere a few years back and now no word from it :/ oh and that “anonymous old western game” looks promising…bc it’s actaully amazing

  • Jacob


    LOL dude, LOL

  • PC Advocate

    OMG stop trolling guys. Don’t pretend you haven’t heard about Red Dead Redemption.

  • I remain unconvinced