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E3 2014: Six Surprising No-Shows

E3 2014: Six Surprising No-Shows

E3 2014 had loads of amazing stuff, but a few games and companies were made more conspicuous by their absence. Here are six we expected, or would have liked, to see.

The Last Guardian

Sure, we knew seeing anything of The Last Guardian at E3 this year was a really long shot – as is ever seeing it again. Sony has reassured us that the game is not yet canceled, but after so long, you’d be forgiven for thinking as such. Will we ever see the third game from Team ICO?

God Of War

There were strong rumours of a new PS4 God Of War game going into E3 this year, which makes its no-show all the more surprising. Sony had a pretty stacked deck without it, but it had seemed like such a sure thing that we all but expected it to happen. Perhaps the powers that be decided to save it until next year?

Media Molecule

Yes, LittleBigPlanet 3 was announced, but that is being developed by Sumo Digital, not Media Molecule. The Guildford-based studio said ahead of time that it wouldn’t be at E3, which leads us to speculate ever more what it is are working on. Famed for its innovation, whatever MM has up it’s sleeve should be good.

Square Enix’s big stuff

None of Square Enix’s big hitters, from Final Fantasy XV to Kingdom Hearts 3, were present at E3 this year. Considering the amount of stuff they showed off last year (lots!) this is a big switch. They did have some stuff, like the eagerly awaited Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but the absence of any big stuff was questionable.

Fallout 4

Every year we wonder if Bethesda is up to something, and every year we still don’t know. Fallout 4 is going to happen – we’d bet all the money we will ever earn on it – it’s just a matter of when. We thought this year might be the year, but apparently now. Whenever it does hit, we imagine it will be worth the wait.

Quantic Dream

David Cage his crazy team behind Heavy Rain and Beyond have been working on PS4 stuff for a while now, as we saw with their elaborate tech demo last year. However, their no-show this year tells us that the next Quantic Dream game is probably still a ways of, unsurprising considering Beyond was still quite recent, and their games are known for taking a long time to develop.


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