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E3 2011 – What we’ve learnt

E3 2011 – What we’ve learnt

E3 has had much to teach us this year, but some lessons have been more important than others. Here’s a run down of the biggest.

Multi-class co-op is the new black – Overstrike and Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 are the two obvious candidates for teaching us this particular lesson, but everywhere you look at E3 there’s a multiclass co-op game being shown off. Dragon’s Crown for instance is a action RPG coming to PSN and PSVita with four player co-op.

Big games don’t get announced at E3 anymore – Sony’s E3 press conference announcements (apart from the name of the Vita)? Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, Ruin and Medieval Moves… You could maybe throw in God Of War Collection II. And from everyone else? Well, Assassin’s Creed and Modern Warfare had already been revealed. Capcom had nothing new to show since Captivate. Namco Bandai revealed its hand in Dubai at the Level Up event. Even with the announcement of a new console thanks to Nintendo all the games shown were already announced and coming to PS3 and Xbox 360. So, basically the big hitters don’t seem to want to announce things at E3 anymore.

The good stuff happens after the press conferences – In terms of quotable news this year we had Ken Levine making a surprise Move announcement for BioShock Infinite and give his backing to PSVita. Nintendo spent and hour and a half saying not a lot of anything and Microsoft went family friendly. The real news was behind closed doors and on the show-room floor and as the days have gone by we’ve had more and more interesting bits of information come out. The press conferences became more or less irrelevant. You may have to really look around for something you’re into, but you will find it.

PSVita is making even dull games look kinda cool – I’ve been writing up a bunch about PSVita this week as you might imagine and one of the games that really caught my attention (and seriously, I don’t know why I think this game is so good) was Smart As. Here’s a video for you.

Does it make any sense to you? Why does this game look so good to me? It’s just Brain Training for crying out loud and yet I really want to play. There’s something wrong with me.

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  • stephen

    is the vita going to use umd or dowmload?

  • Download is likely to be an option, but it will also have games in stores on Flash memory cards, similar to the SD Cards used for memory in the PSP. That means they won’t drain the battery of power like UMDs would do with all their spinning

  • Joey

    This might have already been explained at E3, but does it have a built-in HDD like the Go? I hate memory cards.