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DLC: is it really all that rubbish?

DLC: is it really all that rubbish?

Bethesda has revealed, through the gob-hole of Pete Hines, that the hilarious bag of crap DLC horse armour is still selling to this day. I was all set to go on a hilarious trip through Rantsville USA, but then horse armour is only available on PC and 360, and as we tend to concentrate on PS3 (what with us being a PlayStation magazine) it would be silly to do that.

So here’s a different approach: what DLC do you really dislike? What DLC do you think is pointless, or trite, or unnecessary? There are certain elements of this whole DLC culture that I hate to my very soul, especially when it comes to characters that should be on the disc costing an extra quid or two. Then there are concerns more pertinent to my profession, where no developer will ever tell you what DLC is coming for the game, only for you to see a month later when the game comes out that it has day-one DLC. What are your bugbears?

Conversely, what are the best bits? Broken Steel is a personal highlight, as is Shivering Isles (though we didn’t have to download that on PS3… ahem), Lair Of The Shadow Broker (ditto) and lots of other more expansion pack-type things.

DLC can be great. But then, DLC can also be horse armour. Regardless, it seems everyone buys it anyway.

[via OXM]

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  • Garan

    I hate extra costumes(Resident Evil5,Street Fighter4,Dead Rising2,CAPCOM!)that just aren’t worth it,also I will only ever buy Dragon Age games in their Ultimate edition form.Seriously after you total Origins with all the dlc it works out to like 4x the original price.Its like you buying the game in pieces.

  • I really really really dislike the Play.TV DLC update. £6.29 for something that was promised in the first place? (series link). I think not!

  • Bill

    DLC on the first day of release should cease. If it’s available then it should be on the disc or free. Failing that the game should get released earlier. I propose a two week ban on DLC from when the game is released.

  • koppert79

    I just loathe extra download packs that should just be in the game but in actual fact is just a way for games company to make a quick buck. Often they are ready when the game is released, why not put them in the game in the first place then? Its just greedy and shows lack of respect for the consumer, some of whom are extremely loyal.