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Deus Ex Vs Killzone 3: Special Edition Fight!

Deus Ex Vs Killzone 3: Special Edition Fight!

The Killzone 3 Helghast Edition has been confirmed for European release and yesterday Square Enix revealed its Augmented Edition of upcoming cyber-punk, conspiracy thriller, FPS, RPG thing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. But which is the best. Here’s our expert guide to the two collections.

In-Game Material:
Killzone 3 – Guerrilla and Sony has a number of interesting bonuses for those who pick up its Helghast Edition. You’ll get a code to download two ‘retro’ multiplayer maps from Killzone 2. Unlock codes to give you double XP, all weapons and three unlock points to use on any weapon or ability of your choice.

Deus Ex – There’s plenty of cool in-game stuff to come with the Augmented Edition. There’s a special mission called Tong’s Rescue. A Huntsman Silverback shotgun. A SERSR sniper rifle. A Linebacker grenade launcher. An Automatic Unlocking Device. A remote Detonated Explosive Device.

Winner: Human Revolution has a much wider variety of content here, some of it very useful sounding; some of it just ridiculous sounding. Killzone 3’s stuff isn’t bad, but it’s limited by comparison.

Non-Gaming Material:
Killzone 3 – This is where the Helghast Edition kicks into gear. You get a Helghast Helmet replica. A 100-page art book. A cloaking marksman figure. Behind the scenes video. Downloadable soundtrack. XMB theme.

Deus Ex – With the Augmented Edition you get a 44-min making-of documentary. Game soundtrack. A motion comic adapted from the DC publication. E3 trailer and animated storyboard. 40-page art book.

Winner: A clear victory for the Helghast Edition we think as it matches the Augmented Edition almost like for like with soundtracks and art books, but beats it with that helmet and figure.

Final Verdict – Two excellent collector’s editions, but as with most of these sorts of things they’re really for the hardcore fans only. The games on their own are more than enough anyway.

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