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Dark Souls 3: Seven Changes We’d Like To See

Dark Souls 3: Seven Changes We’d Like To See

We love Dark Souls here on Play, being the hardcore superstars we are, but even we know it isn’t perfect. Here are seven changes we’d like to see in a theoretical Dark Souls 3.


The big obvious one, but we feel it must be said nonetheless. The next Dark Souls game will surely be on the PS4, but we want to request it just in case. Remember, From Software: PS4 good! Imagine the amazing art and world design of the Souls games, with all the graphical power of the PS4… feels good, man.

More multiplayer-specific covenants

Two of our favourite covenants in Dark Souls 2 are the Bell Keepers and the Rat covenant, each tasked with defending a certain area from other players. The high rate of PvP and concept of defending a stage from invaders is great fun, and we’d love to see more focused multiplayer like this in the future.

More links to past lore

It’s interesting to sift through the lore in Dark Souls 2, trying to figure out links to the original game. There’s stuff we think we’ve figured out, but it’s vague enough that we never know for sure. More mysterious world-building, please!

Better combinations of magic and melee

Using just magic in Dark Souls is tough, especially if you go full mage and lose the shield. Similarly, going for a full melee build often leaves you at a disadvantage against players who know a spell or two. We’d love to see it made easier to wield both magic and a melee weapon – obviously neither as effective as if you specialize, but enough to pull out a spell in a pinch without having to pump a load of points into attunement.

Make Cleric not rubbish

The Cleric is an interesting class, a co-op based healing character in a game that doesn’t seem to make much use of them. On your own, the Cleric doesn’t seem too useful, trading off damage and carry weight for healing spells you don’t need. Changing it up to make it more of a Paladin would be interesting.

A bigger world!

Yes, it’s greedy, but so what. The world-building in the Souls games is second to none, so are we so wrong for wanting even more of it? A return to the style of the first Dark Souls, with an initially linear world that slowly links together, would be great.

A “Praise The Sun!” button
We love praising the sun – in fact, we want to do it more. We’d love a button that, at the drop of a hat, makes our character assume the correct praising position and begin bathing in our glorious sun’s gross incandescence. Forget going through the gestures menu – instant sun praising! Now!

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  • exo

    This was a bad article. It’s titled “seven changes” but it puts nothing on the board and just recaps features seen in past games.

  • louis

    yes. it was a dumb article. “more pvp covenents” lame