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Dark Souls 2: Where Is The Dull Ember?

Dark Souls 2: Where Is The Dull Ember?

Dark Souls 2’s Dim Ember eluded us on our first playthrough, but we’ve found it now. You won’t get it until a fair bit later – you’ll meet the second blacksmith in the Lost Bastille fairly early on, but getting an ember for him is a susprisingly laborious task.

The first step is to beat the Dragonslayer boss in the Tower Of Flame area. At the bonfire beyond this easy boss is an NPC who sells miracles – talk to her enough and she’ll eventually head back to Majula. Here, she hangs around near the passageway that leads to the Tower Of Flame, by the pilar mechanism a little way down the tunnel. For 2,000 souls, she’ll let you pass through to Huntsman’s Copse. This area is pretty easy but as you head through Harvest Valley and Earthen Keep (with its cheap-ass boss), things spike dramatically – yu may find you need to return later in order to punch through to the Iron Keep, where the Dim Ember awaits.

When you reach this area’s boss door, don’t head in right away – instead, go right and follow the path until you reach a chest. From here, look for a jump you can make from the main path to the side – the Dim Ember is just sitting on a corpse in this area. Ember in hand, head back to the Bastille, give it to the blacksmith and bingo… one new shop. You’re welcome.

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