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Dark Souls 2: how to beat The Pursuer

Dark Souls 2: how to beat The Pursuer

Dark Souls is here to make you beg for mercy and then kill you anyway, but worry not, intrepid adventurers. We’ve braved the world of Drangleic and taken down each boss to help instruct you on how to survive.


The second guy you’ll fight (probably) is this huge armoured knight. You actually come across The Pursuer when venturing through the Forest Of Fallen Giants as he is dropped off by a giant eagle and proceeds to smash your puny little arse all over the place. You are basically supposed to lose this fight, and although it’s technically possible, it will take a long time.

You come across the guy again at the end of the Forest Of Fallen Giants, and it’s here that the real fight begins. The Pursuer is tougher than The Last Giant, but still not too difficult. Careful planning and patient attacks will win the day.

Once again, for characters with decent poise and stamina, staying close and strafing in a circle is the best way to win. Strafing to the right will avoid more attacks than if you left, so make sure you are always going in the right direction (pun intended.) The big guy has two main sword combos, one that is two hits and one that is three. Make sure you learn to recognize each immediately, so you know when to retaliate. The last thing you want is to attack after two sword swings, only to take a third right in the face. Once you know his patterns, rolling through attacks rather than blocking them is a risky but rewarding strategy that can pay off.

You’ll want to back off if The Pursuer goes for a shield strike, as this can destroy all your poise and stamina even if blocked. However, if you hang back too much the guy will start shooting magic bolts. Roll to the side to avoid these and close back in.

The biggest thing to watch out for is The Pursuer’s stab. If you notice his sword starting to glow blue, get ready to roll to the side. The stab is unblockable and will leave you cursed, lowering your maximum health. Avoid it at all costs!

Also worth noting is a ballista in the area that will do huge damage if you can hit The Pursuer with it. This is almost impossible to do alone, though, but if playing co-op it’s possible to have one person distract him and get him in position while the other fires the weapon.

Once killed, The Pursuer drops:

Soul of the Pursuer

It might take a couple of tries to learn his attacks, but The Pursuer isn’t too tricky after that. Go kick his ass!

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