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Dark Souls 2: How to beat The Last Giant

Dark Souls 2: How to beat The Last Giant

Dark Souls is here to make you beg for mercy and then kill you anyway, but worry not, intrepid adventurers. We’ve braved the world of Drangleic and taken down each boss to help instruct you on how to survive.


The first guy you’ll be fighting is this huge bruiser near the end of the Forest Of Fallen Giants. As the first boss, he isn’t too difficult, so don’t panic – it’s entirely possible to take this guy down first time.

Mr. Giant only has a few different attacks to remember and watch out for. He can fall forwards to crush you or sweep his hand across the floor if you approach from the front. Attack from behind and he will jump back and try to stomp on you. Get really close in front and he’ll try to crush you with his fist. Get even closer and he will stomp down with his foot three times to try and squash you.

The main strategy to use when fighting The Last Giant is the same you’ll want to employ against most bosses that full under the “big dude with a sword” archetype: close-range strafing. Keeping you shield up, get as close to the boss as you can while strafing him in a very tight circle. This works best as a class with decent stamina and poise, as you’ll be blocking most of the hits, but stay close enough and some should slip right by you. This is your chance for a couple of quick hits, but nothing more – getting greedy with your attacks is the best way to get killed in Dark Souls. Make sure you back off when he tries to stomp you, before closing right back in.

For magic classes, you’ll have to keep more of a distance and put effort into staying just out of range of his attacks. Once the big guy is down to 50% health, he will tear off his own arm and use it to extend the range of his attacks, so watch out. Once he’s down you’ll receive:

Soul Of The Last Giant
Soldier Key

As an introduction to boss fights, there isn’t too much to fear from The Last Giant, so get in there and take him down!

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