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Dark Souls 2: How to beat Old Dragonslayer

Dark Souls 2: How to beat Old Dragonslayer

Dark Souls is here to make you beg for mercy and then kill you anyway, but worry not, intrepid adventurers. We’ve braved the world of Drangleic and taken down each boss to help instruct you on how to survive.


If you’ve played the first Dark Souls, you may recognize this particular fellow. Is it the same person, back again for one last fight? A phantom, conjured up by some unseen force? Or something completely different? Regardless, we don’t need to know why he’s here. We need to know how to kick his ass!

Mr. Slayer has a glaring weak point that is quite easy to exploit. Most of his physical attacks leave him open on his left side, so simple keeping a shield up, staying close and constantly circling left will help you avoid many attacks if you are a melee character. He does have some sweeping attacks, so make sure you keep the shield up for when you do get hit.

If you see a dark cloud starting to form, back off quickly! The Dragonslayer will jump up before landing down and unleashing a large magic attack on the surrounding area. Even if you block this it’s going to do big damage, so back off and stay out of its range. He can also shoot a magic bolt at you from a distance, but this is easy to roll out of the way of.

One final thing to consider – lightning and magic weapons will do extra damage, so use them if you have them!

Stay close, circle left and you should be fine. Onto the next one!

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