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Dark Souls 2 Guide Hub: Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Dark Souls 2 Guide Hub: Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Having kicked Dark Souls II’s ass several times over, we’re in a pretty good position to pass on some much-needed advice to those just beginning their journey through Drangleic. We’re putting together all kinds of useful guides and hints to help you out, and they’ll be posted here through out the week in the run-up to the game’s European launch on Friday 14 March – if you’re struggling with something, pop back here and you might just find the answer you’re looking for. Got a specific question you want answering? Drop us a line on Twitter and we’ll do our best to either respond directly or via a new entry in this ever-growing Dark Souls 2 resource.

Oh, and it shouldn’t really need saying, but EXPECT SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT. You have been warned.

Dark Souls 2: Class Build Guide
A look at each of the starting classes and how best to level them.

Dark Souls 2: Starting Gift Guide
Which gift is best? And what does the Petrified Something do? Find out here…

Dark Souls 2: 10 Essential Beginner Tips
Ten bits of advice to help you get started with the game.

Dark Souls 2: What can I make from boss souls?
The rare gear you can create from your hard-earned souls.

Dark Souls 2: How to beat The Last Giant
A few tips on how best to drop the game’s first boss.

Dark Souls 2: How to beat The Pursuer
Get one over on this early boss.

Dark Souls 2: Where is the Dull Ember?
Unlock the second blacksmith… if you’re up to the task.

Dark Souls 2: How to beat Dragonrider
Another big bad boss brought to its knees.

Dark Souls 2: How to beat Old Dragonslayer
Hope you like spears…

Check back later for boss guides, item locations, NPC drops and much, much more!


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