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Crysis 2: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Screenshot Comparison

Crysis 2: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Screenshot Comparison

Okay, so it’s proven that both consoles can run Crysis 2 – the obvious question now, then, is which runs it better? And this screenshot gallery may well hold the answer. One thing is clear, however; Crysis 2 is the best looking game since, well, the previous best looking game. Does that mean we’re all winners? Probably not.

  • abhishek

    xbox 360 version is the best.ps3 sucks

  • craig

    Ahh now child, when you grow up and you get hair down there you will realise which console is better.

    Either that or you have vision problems…

  • Tim38

    They both look awesome…the framerate might be different but as far as graphics goes I really cannot see a difference…Cytek did a great job for both consoles.

  • Mike Hunt

    yay another brainless fanboy wanting to be 1st to post, congrats your mum must think you’re a legend, now stop wasting valuable oxygen…

    look the ps3 does some better than the 360, the 360 does some things better than the ps3, get over it, jeez thought all this ‘my computer is better than your computer’ bullsh!t died in the 80’s with the 464+, C64 & spectrum (google them)

    and Play, as a PS3 mag why do you give 2 farts as to what the xbox version looks like? you havent compared it to the PC version (which i’m guessing will wipe the floor with consoles) and you dont compare PS3 games to the Wii or Ds versions. how about printing news articles instead of this fanboy baiting cr@p everyday…


    This is a very poor PS3v360 comparison. You cannot judge which really looks better when the PS3 screenshots are 1920×1080 and the 360 are 1280×720.

    Based on these screens, the PS3 only outshines the 360 in some areas which could be the resolution difference.

    This is worthless info.

  • Tom

    why turn on upscaling on PS3? we all know they both run 720 natively… upscaling just makes it harder to compare

  • brandon

    I don’t care about comparisons if they’re not side by side.

  • Declan

    360 lighting effects are better, so I would say it just edges it. Ps3 hardware is not being used properly, it could easily outshine 360 but the developers don’t seem to bother. Only when they start to push the ps3 hard il buy one. Until then il stick with my 360.

  • Amir
  • I own both consoles and it’s hard to choose, the PS3 has better textures but the framerate is between 25 to 30, the bloom looks better on the PS3, the XBOX 360 is missing some lighting effects the framerate is a little bit more high than the PS3 but it has a lot of tearing and the framerate is not stable as it is on the PS3.

    Based on graphics is hard to choose, on the other hand the PS3 controller is not so practical when comes to use it with FPS, but anyway I think that I will pick the PS3 version, I don’t care if my friends buy it for 360, I prefer a more stable frame rate with better textures than a choppy frame rate with missing effects and a good controller.

  • op[p

    ps3 is better than 360 because it got blue-ray free online play with freands …………………………………………..

  • TOm

    PS3 handles lighting and contrast better, which makes for more noticeable detail in bump mapping/reflections. But for the most part they are very close to each other. PC still looks the best, of course.

  • yash

    in the second screenshot ~~ notice that the color of d blood is orange in d xbox version , it is clear red in d ps3 version

  • richilu

    And the winner is *drum roll* … PC

  • Probudha

    PS3 rocks….

  • Harry

    Playstation 3 is better because it just is…. Playstation 3 out ranks everything about Xbox

  • GreySpark

    Both look good but PS3 wins yet agian. Smoother gameplay as I’ve seen videos and have compared. Xbox is good but lighting and textures can let it down while PS3 handles them perfectly.
    Why do developers chose Xbox over Playstation? We all know PS3 can handle a lot more than xbox with its hardware yet very few developers do so.

  • Vedu

    Why do all the people fight over this issue everywhere?!?! Both have their pros and cons. So just calm the fuck down!!