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Crimson Skies And Kickstarter: A Console Outing?

Crimson Skies And Kickstarter: A Console Outing?

Kickstarter is helping to bring back a number of properties we sort of thought had been left to die. Double Fine is bringing back the adventure game (alright, it never really went anywhere BUT STILL), Wasteland is getting a sequel pretty much out of nowhere and, of course, Shadowrun has been funded (and still has two weeks left to get more cashola).

But does that apply to PS3? We haven’t seen much, if any, mention of console gaming in this whole Kickstarter drive. Which is a bit of a shame, if not understandable – the only routes would be via PSN/Xbox Live/Wii Shop, and those routes are… difficult.

Well, more difficult than simply getting some money together and whacking a game out on PC/Mac/iOS/Android.

But the word on the street is Crimson Skies creator Jordan Weisman is looking to revive another property (it’s Crimson Skies) once Shadowrun Returns is finished.

This is entirely hopeful, nothing-based-in-reality-world right now, so I think it’s perfectly fine to speculate this could – this might – mean a PSN release.

After all, the original Crimson Skies on PC isn’t remembered with anything like the fondness the 2003 Xbox version was. And if you want to get people excited, surely you should do a follow-up to the version that is more fondly remembered, meaning it should be a console game.

Right? Right.

Alright, there are gaps in this logic and a lot of hopeful thinking, and any level of intelligence would show that – to keep the project firmly in the realms of affordability and, thus, Kickstarter-able – it would not be a sequel to the 2003 cult classic.

But why let things like logic spoil a good ol’ hope-blast? Why indeed.

Kickstarter more things for PSN please, world.

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