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Could Gaikai Give Us Our Old Games Back?

Could Gaikai Give Us Our Old Games Back?

So Sony bought Gaikai did it? Good move. But, as our very own Ian has so brilliantly pointed out here, it’s not going to replace physical media, nor reduce the PS4 to nothing more than a tiny box that dishes out digital-only titles.


It’ll work with, not replace the disc. That’s obvious, for the mid-long term, and in that timeframe what we really want is for PlayStation’s back catalogue to be made freely and readily available.


Think of the amount of classic games out there that are an absolute ball-ache to get hold of now, and not only get hold of but play thanks to emulation issues and other nonsense. Now think of how Gaikai could help alleviate that. Hardware backwards compatibility has already been ditched, and we’re not keen to keep our PSOne and 2 hooked up to an already groaning home entertainment system.


We’d love to be able to flick on our TV’s and browse a selection of classic titles, then stream them in. Videogaming has a huge problem with discarding the titles that got us here today: yes, a lot are obsolete, but gamers shouldn’t have to hunt high and low to play games they enjoyed before.


No, Gaikai’s not going to change the world in an instant, but it might make a lot of small changes that mean big things to PlayStation fans. Playing older games might just be one of them.



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  • Joey

    I want to tell my friends about this. I want to say “Hey, have you heard about Gaikai?” or “Wow that Gaikai looks great!” But I haven’t a clue how to pronounce it. I’m afraid of saying Gay-Guy, and that could lead to some…… misunderstandings. I have to stop reading so many articles and start watching more videos.