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Costume Quest: Five Costume Suggestions For Double Fine

Costume Quest: Five Costume Suggestions For Double Fine

Yesterday THQ responded to a leaked Double Fine trademark for something called Costume Quest but revealing that it was in fact a new downloadable game it would be publishing with the BrĂ¼tal Legend creators. Costume Quest is one of two downloadable games Double Fine is working on and in this title you’ll play as a group of kids on Halloween night trick-or-treating.

The twist comes in the form of Battle Mode where the kids become their costumes and get into fights with monsters with all sorts of superpowers. Sounds like a winning idea to us and an interesting first effort from Double Fine in the digital realm. Anyway, it did get us thinking about that costumes we’d like to see in the game.

1. Cthulhu – A creature whose name some members of Play have huge difficulty in pronouncing (it’s apparently ka-thoo-loo, but there is some debate), but much loved by fantasy and sci-fi fans. Created by H. P. Lovecraft the Cthulhu is one of the all time great giant monsters things out there.

2. Big Baby – Like Honey I Blew Up The Kid, we’re thinking a rather small child who becomes 50 feet tall, but remains essentially the same. Just imagine a toddler and how much destruction it can cause at its normal size. Now make it very, very big. Do you see why that would be kind of awesome.

3. Big Man Japan – Not a very well known character in the west, but Big Man Japan has formed a devout cult following. He’s essentially a really useless giant superhero who is really bad at fighting monsters. In actual fact he’d be a bit rubbish to play as him. Perhaps we should just forget it.

4. The Hand! – Yes, just a hand. But hear us out. First, having a kid dress in some thrown together ‘hand’ costume would be rather funny. Second, seeing a giant hand lay some smack down in Battle Mode would be even funnier. Seriously, we like this idea.

5. Double Fine Characters – A must frankly, we’ve never thought of Double Fine as being all that self-referential. Regardless and cute little Eddie Riggs or Raz costume that turned into gigantic monster versions of those characters for the big fight (including guitar attacks for Eddie and psychic attacks for Raz) would be brilliant.

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