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Common Sense Sequels – In Space!

Common Sense Sequels – In Space!


According to Nolan North (who isn’t allowed to talk about it) common sense should tell us that a sequel to Uncharted is inevitable. We’re full of common sense as you may know and our common sense tells us that all sequels must eventually tend towards being put in space. It’s just the way these things are done.

Uncharted 3: Betwixt Intergalactic Pirates – Nathan Drake is hired by Nasa to investigate the discovery of Aztec artefacts on the moon only to discover that reptilian/insectoid aliens have been pinching ancient artefacts to sell down the local Milky Way flea market.

Killzone3: Death From Above – The battle against the Helghan Empire gets complicated when they assemble a mighty space cannon that harnesses the power of their malevolence. A swift and decisive strike force is needed as they don’t have space gear and they can only survive in the vacuum for 30 seconds.

LittleBigPlanets – Taking a page from the book of Italian plumbing, Sackboy stops messing around with just one spinning rock in space and starts travelling between lots of different celestial bodies. Kind of like a galaxy we guess.

Resistance: Fall Of Stars – The Chimera leave the Earth, forced back by our brave fighting boys, but we decide to take the fight to them by chasing them out of the solar system, riding on the back of nuclear warheads.

Grand Theft Auto: Orbital City – Crime and corruption are rife on Earth’s first city-sized orbiting space station and that means only one thing; it’s a great place to drive a car really fast and throw molotovs. Punishment for all misdemeanors that you can’t bribe your way out of though is being shot out of an airlock.

Call Of Duty: Special Rockets And Tactics – The Space Marines finally invade Call Of Duty as the series jumps forwards in time and sees the birth of space warfare. Expect inter-ship battles depicted in first person through a really fuzzy camera and the final villain being killed by a knife.

FIFA 3011 – Zero gravity football has become the biggest thing since the standard gravity version, which was also fairly popular. Christiano Ronaldo has survived having had his entire body replaced completely by a wax facsimile. His ability in the air has however been compromised by the gravity issues.

Original quotes from Nolan North via PSU

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  • Awesome article 😀

    I would love to a GTA set in space – it would be amazing!