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Christmas Special: Ten Of The Best Farts

Christmas Special: Ten Of The Best Farts

Everyone knows that Christmas is a time to be force-fed sprouts, and everyone also knows that the only good thing about eating sprouts is that it pretty much grants you license to blow off repeatedly for the rest of the day. This is why, as a special Christmas treat, we’re bringing you the ten best farts in PlayStation games ever. You can’t accuse us of not getting into the Christmas spirit now, can you…


One of Sony’s many promo videos showcasing LittleBigPlanet’s myriad of possibilities is about a level called The World Of FART Planet. The level begins atop Bum Mountain, before moving through the Howling Mist Of Poo Smell and finishing up being fired from the Bum Cannon, which is fired by pulling a giant finger.


Metal Gear Solid
To Johnny, the soldier who ends up marrying Meryl at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, the name Metal Gear Solid must seem bitterly ironic, as his loose bowel movements and accompanying sound effects have become a runny joke throughout the series. It turns out he gets ill because he has refused injections of nanomachines.


Grand Theft Auto
If you’re a game designer and you’ve assigned all a character’s actions to a button each and find yourself with a button left over with nothing assigned to it, don’t just leave it with nothing or give it an action that another button already has – make it the fart button. This way the player will never, ever get bored of your game.


Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
There might be gorier, more painful fatalities from the Mortal Kombat series, but Bo’ Rai Cho’s Flaming Fart has to be one of the most unpleasant and undignified. He incinerates his opponent by lighting a huge, stinky fart all over them. It’s just not Queensbury Rules, is it?


Abe’s Odyssey
The first Oddworld game was also the very first to feature farting, and a dedicated fart button no less. You could even enter a cheat that made your farts turn into deadly gas mines. This would later become a fully-realised game feature in the sequel – Abe’s, even more stinky, Exodus.


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Beware the jungles and swamps of Minegarde, for within them dwell the Congalala apes and their devastating fart attacks. Just a single Congalala air biscuit can render your party so nauseous that they are unable to use any consumable items until they have deodorised.


Mini Ninjas
It’s a well-known fact that ninjas don’t eat baked beans, and the reason for this is that baked beans give you a noisy bum bum and this would compromise a ninja’s use of stealth. No such problems for samurai though, as this one in Mini Ninjas amply demonstrates with his deadly fart gas attacks.


Many of the characters in PAIN can be made to fart simply by holding the ass-first pose for a few seconds following launch, but the recently released Museum level takes things a step (on a duck) further with a Fart exhibit, which simply consists of a giant red fart button on the floor.


Beyond Good & Evil
Pey’j the hog man has a pair of very useful rocket boots at his disposal and, being a caring, hippyish type, he prefers not to use harmful, polluting, fossil-based jet fuel to power them. Instead, he uses ‘natural methane’ produced by flexing his abdomen muscles. That’s farts to you and me.


Primal Rage
Chaos, the ape God of Decay, was condemned to live in his own filth for a very long time and has developed some dirty habits as a result. His Fart Of Fury attack is actually one of the least disgusting ones. The Power Puke is worse, and the Golden Shower had to be removed from home versions of the game altogether.

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  • alan

    *laughs loud out* great article, don’t forgot Gon’s deceptively effective fart move in tekken 3