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Can Sony Save Vita?

Can Sony Save Vita?

We love the Vita – it’s a great console with an extensive library of excellent games. Over the last year it’s seen a substantial sales increase, thanks in part to its connectivity with the PS4, but it would still be a stretch to call the console a success, especially when compared to its main competitor, the Nintendo 3DS.

So, what can Sony do to turn things around and make the Vita a must-have machine for your average gamer? We’ve got four ideas that just might help.


The new slim Vita is a great revision of the console, but releasing it for the same price was an error by Sony. We realise they want to make a profit, but having a price drop coincide with the new model would have been an excellent way to entice more people to jump on the handheld bandwagon. It’s still not too late, Sony!


The Vita saw a big jump in sales after the PS4 launched thanks to the connectivity between the two consoles. Being able to play PS4 games remotely on the Vita and use it as a second screen is great, and if Sony can find even more ways to link the two, more PS4 owners may be tempted to double-dip and buy another PlayStation system.


The biggest issue with the PSP is that a large part of its library were pared-down versions of proper console games, and they sucked. Nintendo is far better at creating original games explicitly for handheld consoles. Sony have been far better with this on the Vita, but attempts to distill larger series down, like Call Of Duty, have tended to be unsuccessful. That said, even the best original games like Tearaway mean nothing if they don’t sell. Which brings us to…


Sony just don’t seem to have done a good enough job of advertising the Vita. People know of its existence, but they don’t know why they should buy one. The amazing original games, the huge range of indie titles, the connectivity with PS4 – Sony has run some great advertising campaigns in the past, and if they can do the same with the Vita, its fortunes may change.


  • The Wolf 47

    They need to completely rethink the way they were doing their business with the PSP.
    With the PSP, they were releasing a new model that was better.
    They need to rethink that. They need to go like what the 3DS has done and put out different SKUs at different pricing.
    They need to cut the price of those memory cards by 50%.
    They need to know their audience with the Vita as they don’t know it yet. It’s the more mature one, just look at the numbers of the best selling PSP games, they are all Mature/Teen games with a few exception that were bundled with the console.
    They need to go back, get back American 3rd party developers interested in the product.
    Get New Exclusive games for it. Stop making all these casual games for it and focus purely on the Hardcore Market and Hardcore Games and you are sure to get back that success you had with the PSP.

  • aros

    Adverts with clips of games would help.