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But what WAS cut from the PSP2, NGP, whatever?

It turns out Sony actually cut some features from the PSP2, NGP, whatever. This has, frankly, shocked me to my very core – mainly because I thought it totally unfeasible for any more technology to be crammed into the device. What with Sony already including All The Technology as standard (apart from 3G, but you can get that for a bit more).

Anyway, we’ve done some digging and I think we’ve found a pretty definitive list of a few things Sony definitely cut from the PSP2, NGP, whatever. READ:

Built-in hammock
We may have mentioned this before as a feature we wanted to see, but our spies revealed that – at some point in the PSP2, NGP, whatever’s development – it had an insta-hammock available at the press of a button. It is a sad element to lose.

23 analogue sticks
People wanted two with the PSP, they got one. They complained. Sony listened. Sony wanted to redress the balance in a way that would mean nobody would ever complain about a lack of thumbsticks again. They took it a step too far, it seems. This feature was cut as it would have depleted the world’s plastic mines.

Why bother?

David Moyes
How best to manage your time and gaming experience than by using the Best Manager In The World (definitely not a biased opinion here)? Moyesey was set to bark orders at you, tell you how to get the most out of your PSP2, NGP, whatever and generally make the experience perform well above the levels it should be performing at. Except for this season. Unfortunately he was cut, as it proved literally impossible to accurately model Davey-boy’s face.

Yeah, that’s about it. I trust our Sony spy implicitly, so you can take all of these claims as cast-iron fact.

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