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Black Ops: Zombie Kill-Move Speculation (Spoiler Warning)

Black Ops: Zombie Kill-Move Speculation (Spoiler Warning)

Have you heard? The playable characters in Black Ops’ zombie mode have been revealed and they’re rather surprising. Other sites are issuing spoiler warnings on this, so we’ll do the same. Don’t look any further if you don’t want to know who they are.

Now, here we go. So, the four playable characters are John F Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Robert McNamara and Richard Nixon. An interesting selection we think you’ll agree (read bat-sh*t crazy selection). This band of misfits will have to defend the Pentagon from attack by the zombie horde. Our question though is what special abilities could each of them possess. Surely, with such an array of talent they have to have special moves.

John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States) – JFK, one of the great leaders of America and elite zombie killer.

Special Attack: The ‘Back and to the Left’ Headshot – A special zombie kill move that targets multiple enemies. Kennedy will fire three times while another unknown gunman takes aim from a grassy hill across from the Pentagon, taking out at least five of the undead.

Group Special: The Charm Offensive – Using his natural good looks and oratorical skills Kennedy gives a +10 self-esteem and belief boost to his colleagues giving them a short period of invincibility. Especially good when fighting large numbers of zombies.

Richard Nixon (37th President of the United States) – Kennedy’s defeated opponent in the 1960 Presidential elections.

Special Attack: Two-Fingered Eye Poke – A simple melee attack made all the more effective by the use of two fingers and the distraction offered by Nixon seemingly offering peace before its delivery. Zombies as we all know are easily fooled by offers of peace… or brains.

Group Special: Watergate Surveillance Upgrade – Using his sources in the FBI and other close associates Nixon is able to feed his team with detailed intel of zombie positions and attack strategies, updated to their HUD. This only lasts a short while though before Nixon is arrested.

Robert McNamara (US Secretary of Defence 1961-68) – We didn’t know who this guy was. He was important though.

Special Attack: Anonymous Man – McNamara becomes temporarily invisible to zombies allowing him to get up close and take out a large number of them without detection. The zombies, being dim-witted, are unable to work out what is going on.

Group Special: First-Strike – While not a believer in the First Strike military option during the Cold War (thank Wikipedia) McNamara is a pragmatist against the zombie horde commanding a simultaneous rocket attack from all players. Kaboom!

Fidel Castro (Prime Minister of Cuba 1959-76) – Once America’s great enemy, now forced to stand by its side.

Special Attack: Exploding Cigar – Never having been seen without a cigar in his mouth Castro’s special attack involved him placing cigars in the slack-jawed mouths of the zombies and then detonating them from a safe distance. Then he’ll say, “Now there’s a man with an open mind – you can feel the breeze from here!”

Group Special: Gains Of The People – In keeping with his communist philosophy all damage taken by the team is shared equally between all members with no one player receiving more damage than any other. This only lasts for a short while until someone becomes more equally damaged than the others.

[Original image from Kotaku]

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